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This Kid Is Going To Be Prime Minister Of Canada For A Week

He'll be spending his time in Ottawa alongside Justin Trudeau.
This Kid Is Going To Be Prime Minister Of Canada For A Week

When we were kids, we probably had incredibly high aspirations for when we were grown up and what lives we would lead. Some of us imagined being professional sport players, or even world-renowned surgeons. Some of us might have even imagined being an important political leader, such as the Prime Minister of Canada.

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TL;DR Make-A-Wish foundation has granted 15-year old Aiden with the chance of being Prime Minister of Canada for most of the week. Read below for details on his time as the nation's leader.

Although most of us might not have achieved our unique expectations, one young Canadian will have the opportunity of actually being the Prime Minister for most of the week. It looks like dreams really do come true!

With the help from the Prime Minister's office, House of Commons, RCMP, Prime Ministers Protection Detail, Canadian Army, Canadian War Museum, and Fairmount Château Laurier, Make-A-Wish has planned a flawless day in the life of a Prime Minister for Aiden, a 15-year old Canadian with a love for politics.

After his heart condition made him eligible for the Make-A-Wish experience, he immediately decided his dream would be to become the nation's leader for a day. So, without further delay, Make-A-Wish got started on making his aspirations come true.

Aiden will be receiving the most incredible experience for most of the week while he spends time in Ottawa alongside Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! 

Yesterday he arrived in the capital city and was greeted by the RCMP and the Prime Minister's Protection Detail at the airport. During his stay, Aiden will receive a formal Prime Minister's welcome from hotel managment at the Fairmount Château Laurier.

Today, Aiden will be accompanied by the RCMP and the Prime Minister's Protection Detail on a day full of activities such as tours of Rideau Hall, the Tactical Protective Operations Facility, the Musical Ride Branch, and the Prime Minister's aircraft.

That's not all! Tomorrow Aiden will continue to be the Prime Minister of Canada while he visits Parliament Hill, receives an exclusive tour of Parliament, and attends Question Period in the House of Commons where he'll be introduced. 

Not to mention that he'll also hold his own news conference, attend a special dinner and spend some time with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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On his last day as Prime Minister, Aiden will shadow the commander of the Canadian Army, be outfitted with his own uniform, and be named honourary lieutenant colonel for the day. On the last event of his trip, he will be visiting the Canadian War Museum.

On top of this, Make-A-Wish has planned several unexpected surprises during Aiden's week as Prime Minister!

We can guarantee the country will be in great hands during Aiden's time in Parliament. 

For more information on Aiden's time as Prime Minister of Canada and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, click HERE.

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