This Lamb Was Born With A "Human" Face

What the f.
This Lamb Was Born With A "Human" Face

Photo cred - Daily Mail

The last thing you expect to see first thing in the morning is a picture of a baby lamb, normally so cute and adorable, with the face of not a lamb. You've heard of Lamb of God, well this is the Lamb of the Devil!

Now if you are shocked by this image, imagine the surprise on the face of the Russian farmer who, after waiting impatiently for the little bundle of joy to be born so he could sell it, got his first look at the baby sheep.

Born with the eyes, nose and mouth of a human, the lamb is perfectly healthy, albeit...a little different. But different is good, and at least the little lamb will get to stay with its mother because who wants to buy a devil goat that looks like Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy, amirite?

Only in Russia.

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