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This Little Old Woman Is One Of Montreal's "Most Wanted Criminals"

Crime comes in many forms.
This Little Old Woman Is One Of Montreal's "Most Wanted Criminals"

Never judge a book by it’s cover, because anyone can be a criminal. Case in point: this middle-aged woman in Montreal who has recently become one of the most wanted criminals in the city. 

Listed on the SPVM’swanted persons” page since September 11, this unnamed woman is a suspect in a string of pickpocket robberies. 

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Working with two younger individuals possibly in their twenties who are also listed as a wanted person by the SPVM, the suspect works out of the Riviere des Prairies-Pointe aux Trembles borough. 

Footage from a grocery store in the neighbourhood provided a good look at the suspect and her criminal allies, while also giving the police a good look as to how they rob unsuspecting Montrealers. 

According to the SPVM, the trio works as a team. Two of them distract the victim while the third sneak up to steal their belongings. 

The woman in question was last seen wearing black sandals, a black backpack, a black jacket, and a white dress with purple flowers. She is described as an overweight woman in her fifties, with brown hair and eyes that stands at about 5 feet tall. 

The other woman is younger, said to be about 25, has brown hair, glasses, and is about 5’ 2” in height. The man accompanying also has glasses and brown hair, standing a bit taller at 5-foot-seven. 

There is some resemblance between each suspect. Could they be a family of pickpockets? Is the elder woman training the younger two in the art of theft? 

Who knows, that's all just conjecture. But if you do have any real information, the Montreal police wants you to get in touch with them. More info and how to do that can be found here. 

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