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This Low-Key Montreal Restaurant Actually Serves The Most Deliciously Authentic Korean Food In The City

Don't judge a book by it's cover.
This Low-Key Montreal Restaurant Actually Serves The Most Deliciously Authentic Korean Food In The City

I love finding little hole-in-the-wall restaurants that are completely unassuming on that outside but serve the most fire food on the inside. 

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Montreal is full of places like this. Humble, local, and family-run joints that don't offer the glitz and glam of insta-ready packaging - but, the main attraction - the food - will always blow your mind.

Many of these Montreal spots are located a bit off the beaten path, on smaller side streets of downtown, or in neighborhoods that you have not yet discovered. That's why a visit to one of these spots is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Discover a new area of the city, and enjoy an awesome meal. It's an adventure. And makes a great first or second date idea too. Hint hint.

This week we're heading off to the lovely area of Ville Saint Laurent, chock full of hidden gems. Almost half this neighborhood is composed of immigrants and second-largest employment hub within the metropolitan region, after downtown. You know what that means: lunch crowd.

These two factors clashing together has created the perfect ecosystem for a mini restaurants industry to flourish in the area. 

One that is a must-visit is Bol Orange. Family-run Korean restaurant located right next to Metro Cote-Vertu.  The public reviews have spoken. With 4.9/5 star review on Facebook. And with 4.5/5 star review on Yelp, you can pretty much guarantee a hit every time. 

Read Evelyne T.'s review of Bol Orange on Yelp

Read Christina S.'s review of Bol Orange on Yelp

It looks like this place is giving other Korean joints a run for their money.  Don't believe me? Check out a little visual preview of what you can expect from their menu on their Instagram GeoTag page. Everything looks absolutely fresh and mouth-watering.

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