This Man Gets $84,600 Each Morning, Then Goes Broke At Night

Every day we live 84,600 seconds. What do you do with that time?

Do you randomly peruse the 'net? Do you binge-watch Netflix? If you’re Elvis de Leon, you would spend every second to better those less fortunate than you.

From a low-income area in New York, and his mother murdered at 16, de Leon became a true success despite his hardships. Here is his story.

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Leylah Fernandez and Félix Auger-Aliassime, the Quebec tennis stars who captured everyone's imagination at the latest U.S. Open, were invited to the Met Gala on Monday night and looked absolutely stunning in their outfits.

The world-famous Met Gala, which is a party for the rich and famous to show off their most ridiculous outfits, was made all the better by the presence of the two rising tennis stars.

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Quebec Tennis Star Leylah Fernandez Had The Most Touching Message For New Yorkers On 9/11

She used her post-match interview at New York's Arthur Ashe Stadium to share the heartfelt words.

After getting defeated by Britain's Emma Raducanu in the U.S. Open final on September 11, Quebec tennis sensation Leylah Fernandez shared a heartfelt message with New Yorkers.

Following a massive standing ovation from the crowd at New York's Arthur Ashe Stadium, Fernandez took time to acknowledge the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

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Montreal has ranked among the top 10 best cities in the world in the annual Time Out Index 2021.

Our lovely metropolis has ranked alongside global heavyweights like San Francisco (top spot), Amsterdam (second) and New York City (fifth) and was the only Canadian spot on the list of 37 cities.

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5 Totally Absurd Things Montreal Has Spent Money On Over The Years

From electric race cars to entire islands, the city hasn't been shy about splashing cash.

We all like to spend our money on silly stuff sometimes. And that's why the City of Montreal is known for many things: good food, beautiful parks, and totally absurd projects that cost several millions and sometimes billions of dollars. 

Montreal has a rich history of financial blunders that are arguably equal levels of hilarious and completely depressing. 

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