This Man Got The Most Hilariously Offensive Vanity Plates In Montreal

You won't believe what he got!
This Man Got The Most Hilariously Offensive Vanity Plates In Montreal

Now that Quebec changed its laws concerning customized license plates, everyone has been trying to be creative and set themselves apart. 

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If you've ever considered getting a personalized license plate, you should definitely get on it, as the most popular are running out. 

The first person to purchase one in Quebec, got a simple "Hi" on his license plate

If you think that's funny, a man has recently purchased the words "PENIS" and "ANUS" on his personalized license plates for his trucks. 

I'm sure you're wondering how much he paid for these license plates. It costs him a pretty penny – over $500 for both plates! 

The Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) has some guidelines for personalized license plates. These guidelines include words that are not  scandalous, obscene, vulgar or are sexual. 

Some words that have been denied for personalized license plates? The terms "CUL", "TABARNAK", and "CALISS", yet "PENIS" and "ANUS" were allowed. 

Via Sylvain Poirier

SAAQ has supported their decision in allowing these two words, since they are "body parts". 

Surprisingly the complaints that have been made regarding personalized license plates involve the dissapointment of choice words being taken or not allowed. Some words that were declined (since they're protected by law) include: "BATMAN", "PEPSI" and "EXIT". 

If you're interested in purchasing a personalized license plate you can do so here


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