This Man Wants To Make Montreal A "French Only" City

'En Français les amis!'
This Man Wants To Make Montreal A "French Only" City

The next Municipal elections in Montreal will be held in the city November 5th, and one Mayoral candidate has some big plans if he gets elected. 

Michael Chiklis...Sorry, I mean Michel Brûlé is an editor, singer and writer, who tried to become the mayor of Montreal a few years ago. When he ran for office back in 2013, he actually managed to get 6300 votes, and he's at it again this year. 

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In order to gain some support, Brûlé has decided to make some pretty bold promises. If elected mayor, his first order of business is to make public transit FREE for everyone. 

But he also has some slightly more controversial plans as well. 

He wants Montreal to be 100% unilingual Francophone. 

All the services in Montreal, including emergency services would be in French only. And if Anglophones need something, they would have to make a special request online, then they would have to show up in person to receive an answer in English. 

What do you think? 


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