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This Map Of Every Ghost Town In Canada Will Guide You Through The Ultimate Haunted Road Trip

You'll need brave friends to embark on this journey...
This Map Of Every Ghost Town In Canada Will Guide You Through The Ultimate Haunted Road Trip

If you have a penchant for horror, the grotesque and the macabre, chances are you already have a special place in your heart for abandoned building. There's something thrilling about exploring the relics of a place that was once bustling with activity.

Visiting ghost towns, too, is a thrilling, adrenaline-pumping experience (and it makes for great photos).

There are abandoned ghost towns all over the country. One Google Maps user created a map with popular ghost town locations across Canada. You can pick your favourites and tour them this summer during one epic roadtrip. 

Of course, for your safety, you should pay attention to signage and only approach locations that are still open to the public.

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This Google Map, created by Reddit user Oilerator, shows the locations of many ghost towns accross the country. The lion's share of ghost towns can be found in the Prairies, especially in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

This is in part due to the large number of towns that were erected around natural resources like coal and oil that have since dried out or become obsolete.

Google Maps

Many of these towns have a fascinating background. Take, for example, the town of Redwater, Ontario, which was the site of a horrific murder.

This is according to Ontario Abandoned Places, which mentions that, in 1909, "two railway employees named Morin and Cornish assaulted W.J. Dyston, who served as the telegraph operator. He collapsed and died while trying to telegraph for help."

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Val-Jalbert in Quebec, which was abandonned in 1927, now serves as a living-history site and is a popular tourist destination in the summer. Do you dare explore it at night?

Or take the town of Stanley in British Columbia. Though it has been abandoned for many years, it has one building still standing: the Lightning Hotel. It was purchased in 1996 and is currently being restored.

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Some of the sites still have a few inhabitants, so they are not fully abandoned. The town of Nemiscam, in Alberta, still apparently has two residents. I hope they get along...

Though the map is great, it does not list all of the ghost towns. You can check out this ancient but thorough website which has a great amount of detail about ghost towns in Canada.

With this information, you can plan some awesome road trips this summer! Enjoy!

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