This Map Of Montreal Shows You Where Murders Are Happening In The City

Yesterday, I found an oddly fascinating gem in the ever-expansive mine that is the internet. As someone who lives on the web (it's kind of my job) I'm fairly used to coming across often unseen elements of the digital realm, but this one took me quite by surprise.

Google has a map showing you exactly where murders have been happening in Montreal.

Succinctly titled "Montreal Homicides 2015," the map shows you exactly where a recent murder was enacted, and with a click of a coloured pin, you can find out the victims name, when they died, and the events surrounding the murder, with links to news articles provided.

Charted on the Montreal murder map are a total of 25 deaths on the Island of Montreal in 2015. 11 murders took place off of the island, with a singular "questionable" death also listed on the map.

To give you some context, there were 28 officially listed murders in Montreal last year, and 27 in 2013. So right now we're a bit below what's been the yearly average, though the year isn't quite over yet. Sorry, that sounded a bit more morbid than I intended.

More engaging than a simple listing of murders and deaths, the murder-map allows you to place yourself within the city, which can be kind of scary after you realize a homicide happened just a few streets away from you. You've been warned.

To check out Google's Montreal Homicides 2015 map, head here.