This Map Of Montreal Will Show You Exactly Where You Will Pay The Most Rent In The City

Apartment hunt wisely.
This Map Of Montreal Will Show You Exactly Where You Will Pay The Most Rent In The City

Let's start by painting a big picture of the rental market in Montreal.  After some research - and some common knowledge - you should know that in terms of rent Montrealers are quite lucky.

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According to Rent Jungle, the average rent for an apartment in Montreal is $941. One bedroom apartments in Montreal rent for $830 a month on average and two bedroom apartment rents average $1061.

Compared to Toronto, a one bedroom apartments rents for a cool $1388 a month on average, and two bedroom apartment rents for an average $1482.

Lastly, compared to Vancouver, a one bedroom rents for a whopping  $1233 a month on average and two bedroom apartment rents for $1460. Oh, my.

I just wanted to kick things off and show you that relative to other major Canadian cities, Montrealers don't have to deal with obscene rent prices.

Maybe this is why Montreal attracts a certain type of ex-pat. But that is not the purpose of this article.  We're here to help you pinpoint the exact areas that, on average, boast the most affordable rents in the city.

Now - let's zoom in a little.

Montreal - in general, is a great city for renting. According to astudy conducted by Statistic Canada, almost two-thirds of Montrealers rent.

Looking deeper at this study we can pinpoint a benchmark or a "renter rule"  for how much of your budget should be allocated to rent. On average, Montrealers that rent spend $835/month on housing.

Sadly, long gone are the days where you will find a place for $400 a month. But with that said, if you crunch the rental ad numbers, you will find some trends start to surface. These are the neighbourhoods ranked from cheapest to priciest for rent.

Cheapest: Montreal North, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, and Longueuil, Villeray, Parc-Extension, Ahunsic Cartierville, Lachine, South-West, Rosemont Petite-Patrie.

Most expensive: Downtown (Ville-Marie), Plateau, Saint-Laurent, Ile-Des-Soeur, Baie-d’Urfé, Westmount, Outremont.

Below you can see a chart showing average rent prices by borough. The ones highlighted with a little green square are the areas where rent is on average under $750 a month.


With moving season right around the corner, being armed with this info is absolutely necessary when starting your apartment hunt. Montrealers that have a good sense of the market usually start their search with this knowledge, so they can easily dodge a swindling landlord. But for those that are new to the city or renters market, this information is absolutely vital.

Happy hunting!


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