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This Map Showing All The Construction Sites In Montreal In 2020 Will Make Your Jaw Drop

The city of Montreal has a website where they keep track of all the construction sites on island, but at this point it may be easier to have map of the streets that AREN'T under construction. 

When we first saw this, we were convinced it was a joke and that someone just Photoshopped a bunch of extra signs onto the original map. But then we went on the actual website and it turns out this thing is very real! 

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This is actually the map that shows every construction site in Montreal going on right now in 2020. 

Via ville.montreal

Click here to see the interactive map

It's a good thing those icons can overlap or else there wouldn't be enough room to fit them all in. How do they even have enough orange cones for all of these worksites? The guy who makes and sells orange cones in Montreal must be a billionaire.

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