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This Map Shows All Of Montreal's Water Taxi Routes

More might be coming
This Map Shows All Of Montreal's Water Taxi Routes

Last week Montreal was testing a water taxi route, but did you know that we actually have three water taxi routes?! it's true, and we have a possible fourth on the way. The three existing routes depicted run between the Old Port, Parc Jean-Drapeau, and Longueuil. 

Boats leave every hour through June from 9am and 11pm with one-way tickets between the Old Port and Jean-Drapeau costing only $4.25. Trips to Longueuil will cost you $7.75.After June 23rd, taxis operate between 11am and 8pm.

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The boats not only offer a leisurely and scenic outing, but also alleviate commutes between the downtown and surrounding area. One benefit of an island city are the unique travel possibilities that its waterways present.

Check out this map to see all the water taxi routes:

Via Navettes Maritimes

The city tested a new water taxi route at the end of May between Pointe-aux-Trembles and the Old Port. Tickets for the new route cost as little as a single bus ride – just $3.25.

Last year, a similar weekend pilot program become so popular that officials decided to try a weekday route this year.

There's no word yet if another test route is coming, or if officials will invest in a permanent water taxi connection between downtown and Montreal East.

In the meantime we can enjoy river views of the city and expedited commutes along the already-established routes.  

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