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This Map Shows All The Montreal Apartments That Have Had Pest Exterminations

It's staggering...
This Map Shows All The Montreal Apartments That Have Had Pest Exterminations

Now that the unofficial Montreal Moving Day has passed, city residents are finally starting to settle into their new digs. The week of extreme heat made it quite difficult to feel at home.

But for some unlucky apartment dwellers, the week after moving day is when reality starts to dawn. Quirks, damages, and, yes, infestations that were not apparent on the first apartment tour become quickly clear after living in a new place for a few days.

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As buyer's remorse starts to set in, it's worthy remembering that apartment extermination histories are actually public information. There's even a nifty little map that details extermination reports for each residential structure in the city.

Via Ville de Montréal

Information on the map is organized by street corner. You can click through the corners closest to your place to identify any relevant reports.

Pink dots identify the properties that have had a high number of exterminations. There is an alarming quantity of pink dots...

Mayor Valérie Plante plans to make more such information public with a push for greater transparency across all sectors of municipal operations. She also plans to increase the number of building inspections and make it easier for inspectors to issue tickets to landlords.

Make sure to check out the map before you sign your next lease. You can explore it here.


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