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Map Shows The Areas In Montreal Where You Are Most Likely to Get Murdered

With data from the SPVM.
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Map Shows The Areas In Montreal Where You Are Most Likely to Get Murdered

Montreal is one of the safest major cities on the continent, even the world.

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Despite a nationwide rise in violent crime, Montreal continues to have one of the lowest crime rates in Canada.

This status has become especially impressive in comparison to the situation in Toronto, which is experiencing an epidemic of gun-related violent crime and more frequent large-scale attacks involving multiple deaths.

Still, Montreal is not entirely exempt from criminal and other dangerous activity.

The city of Montreal compiles data about crime in the city and publicizes it in an online map. Though the exact nature and location of crimes are undisclosed, the map does give insight into the city's most dangerous areas by crime category.

The map also gives information on crime by street intersection, rather than specific address. This protects individual property owners and allows viewers to evaluate more general neighbourhood crime rates.

Between August 2017 and August 2018, for example, the Village between rue Berri and Ave. de Lormier had the highest density of thefts in the entire city.

Via Ville de Montréal

When it comes to crimes involving death, information on the map is deliberately vague. Whether to protect an ongoing investigation or stifle public panic, the fatal crime category is titled only "infractions involving death."

Nevertheless, the category shows where in the city the most crimes leading to death have transpired.

In the past year, three such fatalities have occured in the area between Rue Sainte-Catherine in the Village and Parc la Fontaine.

Via Ville de Montréal

While, thankfully, this is not a high number of fatalities, they together account for 14% of all such deaths in the city in that time period. The density of these deaths is also the highest of all twenty-two in the city in the past year.

That proximity could either point to conditions within that particular area of the city or be random coincidence.

Whatever the cause, this area of Montreal is currently the city's most dealthy.

Explore the entire map from the city of Montreal here.


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