This Map Shows Where All the Recreational Marijuana Stores In Montreal Will Be

Montreal is going to become a weed tourism destination.
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This Map Shows Where All the Recreational Marijuana Stores In Montreal Will Be

The October 17th deadline for national recreational marijuana legalization is fast approaching. 

As legalizations looms, provincial officials are scrambling to establish a legal framework for the sale and consumption of the drug.

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In Quebec, the government-run Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) will have a monopoly over the distribution of marijuana, much like the SAQ controls liquor in the province.

The SQDC stores have to conform to strict new rules. Minors aren't even allowed to see into the stores, let alone enter them. Customers will also not have direct access to the product. The facilities will be securly managed. It will definitely make for an interesting shopping experience.

Regulations have also complicated the search for store locations. SQDC branches must be large enough to accomodate customers but small enough to be secure. They also cannot be within a certain radius of schools.

For those reasons, announcements have come slowly about store locations in Montreal. Before today, there was only one confirmed location at Place St-Hubert near Jean-Talon Market.

But today, the SQDC confirmed three more locations in Montreal!

These will likely be the only stores in the entire city. Whether only four stores can meet demand remains to be seen. There's also no word yet about possible branches in other municipalities on the island.

The four locations in Montreal will be at:

830 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est
Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
9250 Boulevard de l’Acadie
6872 Rue Saint-Hubert

To help you visualize the distribution of the stores in the city, here's a map:

Via Google Maps

You'll notice that while the stores are fairly spread out, huge swaths of the city are neglected. Residents in the South-West, Montreal North, and Montreal East will not be as able to easily access marijuana as residents in Rosement, Ville-Marie, and Parc-X/Vertu.

The news is unfortunate for some, but exciting for many.

Montreal can look forward to the beginning of a whole new industry. Because of its status as the unofficial festival capital of North America and its proximity to population centres in the northeast United States, the city will likely draw thousands of weed tourists.

Stay tuned.


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