This Map Shows You The Best Tobogganing Spots In Montreal

And every spot in the rest of Canada
This Map Shows You The Best Tobogganing Spots In Montreal

Photo cred - GoogleMaps

Fans of tobogganing and sledding can finally rejoice. A wonderful human being has taken it upon himself to create what he calls The Great Canadian Tobogganing Map where he mapped out every possible tobogganing spot in Canada.

Now you can easily enter the name of your city and find hill nearest you. So put away your phones, get your friends together, break out your old snow-pants, your krazy karpets  or your GT-snowracers and go have some good old fashioned fun.

The craziest part of all this has to be that this map was put together by one person. Forget just creating the immense map (which we wouldn't have the patience to do) but the actual research behind it must have taken forever, even if he didn't personally hit up every spot.

Not only did he list the best hills in Canada but he actually posted reviews for many of them. The more popular listings even have a small blurb so you can find out the size of the hill, whether or not there's a cost involved, if there's a chalet or restrooms and even the parking situation.

Click here to see the entire Great Canadian Tobogganing Map

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