This Map Tells You When Every Construction Project In Montreal Will Be Completed

When people ask me what I think about Montreal I always give them the same answer: "I love Montreal, I can't wait until they finish it.  

You've probably noticed that pretty much all of Montreal is under construction right now. In fact when you look at Montreal's contruction map, you can barely see the island at all because it's burried under a million little contruction signs.  

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But what is truly infuriating about all of this is that there is no end in sight. When a new construction site opens up it can can remain that way for years.

So if you're anything like me and you want to know when that hole the city put in your street is finally going to be paved over, you can simply consult this handy map.

Via ville.montreal

Here you can see a list of every single construction project in the city as well as the date the projects are sheduled to be completed by.  

Click here to use the interactive contruction map. 

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