This Map Will Show You Exactly When & Where Fall Foliage Is At Its Peak In Quebec

Know exactly when to plan your fall road trip!
This Map Will Show You Exactly When & Where Fall Foliage Is At Its Peak In Quebec

Whether or not you plan to take a hike this fall, it is definitely worth getting out of the city into the paysage where you can appreciate and enjoy all that La Belle Province has to offer. 

But fall foliage is a tricky thing and it doesn't always come on schedule... even worse, it doesn't always stick around.

That's why, if you're hoping to make the most of this glorious season and see some breathtaking autumn landscapes, you'll want to consult this Quebec Fall Foliage Map, that indicates exactly where in the season the fall foliage is at.

Are the colours at their peak? Is it still early, or are you too late?

Well, take a look at the map below and be sure to bookmark this webpage so you can keep up to date with when exactly is the best time to take your fall road trip or book that cozy Airbnb in Quebec this year.

The Fall Foliage Map is provided by, a tourism website that provides the best of the best when it comes to advice about what to do in and around Quebec during all four seasons.

[rebelmouse-image 26889507 photo_credit="Quebec Original" expand=1 original_size="940x512"] Quebec Original

Their map indicates where the foliage is at in different tourist regions across Quebec, from the far reaches of Gaspé to the rural areas just outside Montreal, like Terrebonne or Magog.

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Other worthwhile tips that can be found on Quebec Original are great fall activities, like the Montmagny Snow Geese festival or places to visit, like the ecological park in Nicolet.

With all this great advice, paired with the Fall Foliage Map, you're guaranteed to make the very most of any outing you take to explore Quebec's beauty and grandeur.

Just be sure to keep an eye on the map, because those little leaves are going to turn red before long... and like I said above, they don't last long, either.

I spoke with Environment Canada meteorologist Simon Legualt last week to get the scoop on the changing leaves and he provided some very interesting information.

Most notably, for me, was the realization that the leaves change based on the decreasing amount of daylight hours, not the drop in temperature that hits in the fall.

In fact, if it gets too cold, the leaves just turn brown... wind and rain can also make for a mediocre season for fall colours.

All of these factors are considered with the Fall Foliage Map, so be sure to consult it before booking that rental car or Airbnb in the woods!

Fall Foliage Map

What: A Quebec-wide map indicating where peak fall foliage is occurring at notable tourist sites across the province.


When: Next update scheduled for September 19th, 2019

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