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This Montreal Bar Has A $5 Menu And Their Grand Opening Is This Thursday

There's a brand new bar in town, and this one is definitely something to get excited about. Zeppelin just recently opened it's doors in Montreal and now they're inviting all of us Montrealers to their grand opening event. 

Zeppelin is not just your average bar. Besides their great house cocktails and beers, they also have an absolutely incredible $5 menu. Yes, everything on their menu is only $5.

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This Thursday, Zeppelin will be hosting a huge grand opening event and there's going to be a lot to get excited about.

via @zeppelinmtl

via @zeppelinmtl

The event, titled "Zeppelin's Landing" will take place November 11th from 6pm until 3am. 

There will be a delicious tasting menu, a DJ, special prizes throughout the night and great deals on Canadian Club.

via @zeppelinmtl

So, if you're looking for a great night but don't want to break the bank, head over to Zeppelin this Thursday for what's sure to be a good time.

Where: 3518 Lacombe

Visit the event on Facebook.

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