This Montreal Bar Has A "Harry Potter" Themed Cocktail And It's Freaking Magical

Of course you've heard of the Harry Potter themed bar and even the Harry Potter themed brunch, BUT I guarantee that you haven't experienced this "Harry Potter" themed cocktail made magically right here in Montreal!

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You may be wondering just how "Harry Potter" worthy this cocktail is, and trust me it's almost too magical to handle! The cocktail is served in a glass dome and once the glass dome is lifted, and orb of smoke slowly lifts revealing the majestic cocktail.

The smoke show 😍 shout out to Lorenzo for making sure I was ready 😂 (and being an awesome server) #montreal

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It's a completely stunning experience and it is taking instagram by STORM! Now, where can you get this magical drink? Well, you can find it a non-other than Atwater Cocktail Club! Just ask for the Smoke Show.

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Atwater Cocktail Club is a back-alley bar serving specialty cocktails and snacks in a speakeasy/French Disco inspired ambiance. They honestly have the craziest cocktails that come it panda, peach, pineapples, or cat glasses! 

Smoke show in the house🍸

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General Information: 



512 Atwater

Hours: 7 DAYS : 5PM - 3AM


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