This Montreal Bar Has Over 1,500 Board Games You Can Play

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This Montreal Bar Has Over 1,500 Board Games You Can Play

As Montrealers we LOVE partying. Nightlife is a huge part of our city's culture and we pride ourselves on all of the cool and unique bars and clubs that bring so many visitors to this city to explore. 

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But sometimes, we just don't feel like going out and partying like crazy. Every once in a while we just want to grab our crew, have some food and a couple of good drinks while just chilling. 

That's why this Randoph Board Game Baron Saint Denis is so amazing! By no means is this bar "new" to Montreal, but some people have yet to hear about it and it's such a great place that everyone really should. 

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When you walk into this bar you head upstairs to the board game room where you'll see a wall stacked to the top with hundreds of board games! They have basically all the versions of monopoly that you could ever find, tons of weird and unique board games you've never heard of in your life, and amazing games from all over the world!

Check out this video that really showcases the best parts of this awesome bar: 

Don't worry if you're a little overwhelmed with all the choices, the staff at this bar are super knowledgable about all the available games and will happily provide recommendations throughout the night! 

There is a $5 cover charge to enter, but once you're in you're welcome to stay all day long playing as many games as you want. There are two locations, one on Saint Denis that doesn't take reservations and one in Rosemont where you can book your table in advance. 

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This bar also has a full menu of food including nachos, Mac n' Cheese, tacos, soups salads and more! You can also download their full games menu if you'd like to do some research to find your favourites before you go. 

This is the perfect spot to enjoy a carefree night out with your friends where you can play some games, have some laughs and enjoy some awesome food and drinks. 

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