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This Montreal Bar Now Has An All-You-Can-Drink Sangria Event

The ultimate 5 à 7.
This Montreal Bar Now Has An All-You-Can-Drink Sangria Event

Sangria is a traditional Spanish and Portuguese fruity mixed drink that when made correctly, packs a serious punch. All puns intended.

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The main ingredient is wine - red or white - and it's "watered down" with some fruit juice and spiked with brandy or another hard liquor for the extra kick. Nothing quite compares to the taste - and the buzz - you get from Sangria. It's refreshing and fruity, basically - the perfect summer beverage. 

Via HouseofjazzCanada

That said, Sangria and summer go together like PB&J. Nothing creates a summer bond or sparks a summer romance like sharing a good conversation over a pitcher of Sangria. 

We have good news if you love Sangria! A bar in the Quartier Des Spectacles called The House Of Jazz is hosting an awesome "Sangria 5  à 7" where you will be able to get all the sangria you want "à volonté" on their beautiful terrasse. 

If you were looking for something to do tonight, or you just need an excuse to drink on a Monday, look no further than this summer event. 

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Everything you need to know:

Where: House of Jazz // 2060 Rue Aylmer
When: 5pm - 7pm // tonight 
What: All you can drink sangria

For more information check out the official Facebook event HERE.

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