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This Montreal Bar's "Blooming Tree" Will Make You Feel Like Summer Is Here

The bar scene in Montreal is absolutely ridiculous. It feels like there's a bar with a theme for every occassion (not that I'm complaining). We've even got season themed bars!

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Having a drink deserves to be an event. The cooler the restaurant, the better in my opinion. And this place has definitely got that "wow" factor that we've all been waiting for. 

We've got bars for the winter, bars for the fall. We've got tons of bars for the summer, well, here's your springtime bar! Trust me, just walking into this place will make you feel like your entire world is in bloom. The atmosphere is hard to ignore.

Located at 1101 Boul de Maisonneuve ELe Blossom is a unique and fun saké bar with a Japanese-inspired menu. From sushi to matcha, their cooks are sure to leave you feeling full, yet refreshed, just like springtime.

Their drink menu features over 20 different kinds of saké, so if you've been meaning to try this asian alcohol and just haven't gotten around to it, now is the time. They've, of course, also got great cocktails, beer and wine.

The best part about this place? It's their decor of course! As soon as you walk in, you're able to see this giant blossom tree that will seriously make you have spring fever. The beautiful color just lights up the room and makes for an extremely scenic supper experience.

Check out these pictures of their beautiful cherry blossom tree:

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