This Montreal-Based Nature Show Studies People Who Attended Heavy MTL

Observe the Metalheads in their natural habitat.
This Montreal-Based Nature Show Studies People Who Attended Heavy MTL

Metalheads are very unusual animal, so it's not wonder that Fred BF felt the need to study them in depth. Fred already studied the 'Osheagans' and if there's one animal more fascinating than that, it's the noble Metalhead.

Watch them frolic in the moshpits as they battle for dominant status. Notice the godlike status enjoyed by the females as they a literally sit above their male counterparts. You'll even discover some neat tips and tricks on how to domesticate Metalheads using nothing but vodka.


According to a study by digital automotive company Twinner, Montreal ranks among the most honest cities in the world but is actually the least honest city in Canada. 

By evaluating six metrics — "transparency in government," "transparency in society," "transparency in economy," "civic honesty," "perception of theft" and "car dealer reviews" — the company put our fine city in 54th place out of 350 cities included in the study.

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Thanks to a combination of hockey, careful planning and MTL Blog, Josiah McCooeye was able to totally surprise his now-fiancée, Taylor Sparkes, with a marriage proposal. 

"I had been planning to propose for a while but did not know exactly how I would do it," McCooeye told MTL Blog. "Then I had an idea."

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Remember back in elementary school when spending time in the cafeteria was the best part of your school day? Well, at Time Out Market Montreal, we get to relive that childhood love for cafeterias — just in a much classier manner.

This culinary hot spot is officially opening again on Friday, July 2 with some new restaurants. I got to go try dishes from some new places yesterday and here's what I thought!

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Fuzzy Caterpillars Are Invading Montreal & Experts Say Their Poop Will Rain From The Sky

Here’s what you need to know about this crappy invasive species.

Gabriella Kogan says she "won't be heading up there any time soon."

The Montreal resident and her children were recently exploring Westmount's Summit Woods when they "realized most, if not all of the trees were carpeted with a fuzzy layer of caterpillars!"

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