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This Montreal Cafe Has "Churro Nutella Cakes"

Stuffed with happiness.
This Montreal Cafe Has "Churro Nutella Cakes"

Friends, every so often, a dessert comes along that looks so insane I just need to share it with you guys.

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It's kind of well-documented that I'm totally obsessed with churros.

Thankfully, I live in Montreal, which not only means I can get some of the tastiest churros around, but also that I can get churro sundaes, churro cones, and tons of other churro-themed desserts in the city. 

via @chichicafemtl

And now, one more churro-based delight is going to get added to this list.

Behold, friends: the churro Nutella cake.

via @chichicafemtl

Made by Montreal's very own "churro cafe", Chichi Cafe (95 Rue St-Sylvestre), the churro Nutella cake consists of little churros stuffed with Nutella, and a generous amout of Nutella topping.

Honestly, friends, if that doesn't sound like pure heaven, I don't know what does.

via @chichicafemtl

You can also get it

via @chichicafemtl

via @chichicafemtl

Sounds awesome? You know it does! For more information, check out Chichi Cafe's website right here.

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