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This Montreal Café Is Serving The Most Canadian Latte Ever

Calling all sweet-tooths!
This Montreal Café Is Serving The Most Canadian Latte Ever

Canadian pride is not something that you can easily ignore. When something is Canadian, you KNOW it's Canadian. It's downright undeniable.

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We have our trademark symbols that just scream Canada and though, of course, stereotypes can be really annoying. Some of them are just true. That is especially true when it comes to how much Canadians love their maple syrup.

And I'm not talking about the fake Aunt Jemima stuff. I'm talking REAL maple syrup. Trust me, we can tell the difference and we put that shit on everything.

Well, this café in Montreal has amped up the game and may have just produced the most Canadian coffee of all time: a maple latte.

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Sweetening your coffee is serious business. People can be pretty picky about how sweet they make their coffee. It's understandable seeing as most people need coffee to stop being a zombie.

Well, if you're looking for a new way to sweeten your coffee, why not do it the Canadian way, with maple syrup.

Cafellini café rolled out a new latte next month that is sure to peak the interest of Canadians everywhere. They have three locations: one on Beaubien, one on St-Laurent and one on the South Shore in St-Bruno. So, if you're interested in trying out this super Canadian latte, you've got options.


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