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This Montreal Café Now Sells Homemade Vegan Pop-Tarts

Or every #fatvegan's dreams came true.
This Montreal Café Now Sells Homemade Vegan Pop-Tarts

Growing up, my favorite snack to have just after getting home from school was Pop Tarts. Nothing made me happier than eating the pillowy and sugary sandwich with extra spoons of strawberry jelly. When I went vegan a few years ago I put the delicious snack aside because even if the unfrosted kinds are vegan, I did not see the point of eating them if there was not that extra sugar on them (I'm really difficult when it comes to my snacks).

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So when my partner told me about this place near his work where he found vegan pop tarts, I was amazed and we went to Esquina Bar à Café the very next week-end. We fortunately took the last one left, along with a blueberry muffin, a chocolate chip muffin and two almond lattes. If I could say that it was fvcking delicious I would. But let's say that I was just #theBOMB.

If you haven't discovered this amazing café, I suggest you rush to the Plateau, ready to be hit with a violent #foodgasm.

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The Pop Tarts were what I was the most excited about. We ate the whole thing so fast, that we felt kind of sad when realized that there wasn't any left. I can't even describe you in words how good it was, so I'll let a picture of Michael Scott express it for me:

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My partner described the place to me as a the perfect spot for travelling hipster. And I agree, it has a cool, calm vibe. The decor is minimalist and has beautiful details to it.

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Their menu is all vegan but crazy delicious. From pastries to inventive toasts and soups, they are literally slaying it. Everything we took along with the pop tarts was exquisite, but the chocolate chip muffin was particularly special. It was a huge, moist muffin and had lots and lots of chips in it with a very mild banana flavour. It's definitely safe to say that it's the best chocolate muffin I've had in my life.

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I'm a coffee addict and I was pleased to see all the kinds of flavours of coffee beans they sell such as apricot, tangerine and papaya and many more. You won't be disappointed and will probably discover new brands and flavours like I did.

If you think you would like Esquina, you're in luck because they are hosting their official opening day this Saturday (free coffee!). Also, make sure to check them out on Facebook for more details.

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