This Montreal Cafe Serves Incredibly Colourful Rainbow Lattes

When you're feeling the afternoon slump, there's nothing better than grabbing a delicious latte for a pick-me-up. Even just the smell of coffee can perk me up. 

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A regular latte is great and all but why not try a rainbow latte? That's right, rainbow lattes are available at Barley Cereal Bar. Located in Montreal, the already popular location opened last summer.

These beautifully crafted lattes are so vibrant and mesmerizing, you can't help but stare. You'll want to snag a pic and share to all your friends - they're so pretty!

 Their unique lattes don't end there, you can also get ones made with tumeric, beet, or charcoal. Yup you read that right - charcoal lattes. 

Barley Cereal Bar is obviously known for their cereal. You can choose from a variety of cereals, such as Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, add your preferred milk flavour and any extra toppings- super cool! 

Barley is the perfect place to study (tons of seating), with friends or by yourself. You can grab a different type of latte for your entire study session!

Rainbow Latte

Beet Latte

Charcoal Latte

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Make sure to check out this cool place. For more info about their menu check out their website 

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