This Montreal Café Was Just Ranked One Of The Best On Earth

Can you guess which one?
This Montreal Café Was Just Ranked One Of The Best On Earth

Living in Montreal, you definitely already know how incredible our coffee culture and cafés are in the city.

From the hidden spots perfect for grabbing an espresso to trendy lattes served best any time of year, we all have that one café that we'll always think is the best on earth.

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TL;DR According to The Telegraph, Montreal's very own Café Olimpico has been ranked one of the 50 greatest cafés on Earth. The café boasts a unique atmosphere at both their Mile End and Old Montreal locations.

But what if it actually is? How fantastic would it be if one of our local cafés was actually declared the best in the world? That would mean that we've been right all along.

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Well, time to congratulate our city, and more importantly Café Olimpico.

This coffee shop is officially one of the best on the planet!

According to The Telegraph's "The 50 greatest cafés on Earth," Café Olimpico among the most amazing cafés on the planet!

The café is described as a "permanently busy, bustling little brown-hued café, turning out superb espressos, macchiatos, and cappuccinos to a mixed clientele." Needless to say, we're definitely feeling some Montreal pride right about now.

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The article goes on to say that Café Olimpico is neither Canadian nor French, and offers a more authentic Italian experience and dive into the incredible coffee culture. This feature is definitely what makes the shop stand out from others across the city.

So, next time you need your coffee fix, go show Café Olimpico some love! Their original location in Mile End and the additional spot in Old Montreal give you more than enough reason to agree they totally deserve their ranking as best on Earth.


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