This Montreal Cafe Will Repair Your Phone For Free. Yes, For Free!

While teaching you how to do it yourself.
This Montreal Cafe Will Repair Your Phone For Free. Yes, For Free!

Don’t throw out that old cellphone/toaster/dress shirt, because there’s a new cafe in Montreal that will fix it for your, for zero charge. 

Since late November, Repair Café Montréal has been inviting Montrealers in need of some tech support to stop by, enjoy a beverage, and watch as volunteers repair their broken pieces of technology. 

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It is the goal of the new cafe’s organizers to reduce electronic waste by repairing what some people may just throw away. And practically anything can be brought in for a fix-up, from pieces of clothing to laptops and cellphones. 

Run entirely by volunteers (most of whom are engineering students) the cost for repairs is, again, free. Well, free with one tiny catch. 

In order to impart some knowledge on repair-needing visitors, Repair Café asks that guests watch as their items are being repaired. That way, visitors can learn how to fix stuff for themselves, so next time their hand mixer is busted they don’t need to venture outside of their house for repairs. 

“The next time (something breaks) they may think they will be able to repair it on their own,” Tanguy Marquer, a volunteer at Repair Café told CTV News. “They can do something other than just throwing it away.”

Making money doesn’t seem to be the driving force behind Repair Café Montréal, which is a good thing, because teaching folks how to do something they need on their own they would normally need to go to the cafe for isn’t exactly a profitable business model. 

But if you are in need of some tech-repairs and a short lesson in engineering, you can find more information at Repair Café Montréal’s Facebook page here.