This Montreal Canadiens Art Series Is Every Habs Fan's Dream

Graffiti Knight is strong with the Habs side of the force.
This Montreal Canadiens Art Series Is Every Habs Fan's Dream

Photo cred - graffiti_knight

There are more ways to show your Habs pride than rocking a jersey, cheering at the Bell Centre, or (dare I say) rioting in the streets. Adoration for the Montreal Canadiens can come in many different and creative forms. Montreal artist Graffiti Knight has decided to use art has a medium to support the Habs, and has created some spectacular Canadiens-pop culture crossovers.

Combining famous icons with the Habs, Grafknight has created his Canadiens_Series, in hopes of propagating more support for Montreal's favourite hockey team beyond the borders of the city. 50 different pieces now make up the image series, which the artist hopes will one day be seen at the Bell Centre.

Everyone from Nicki Minaj to Darth Vader have been Habs-ified by Grafknight, expertly amalgamiting the iconic features of each celebrity with the Canadiens logo or gear. Fun, while also artistic, you can see a sample of the Canadiens_Series below.

To see more of Graffiti Knight's work, check out his Instagram, Twitter feed, and official website here.

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