This Montreal Club Is Hosting A "Free Whiskey" Party

You'll have a neat time.
This Montreal Club Is Hosting A "Free Whiskey" Party

There's one thing that everyone in the world can universally say that they love and that one thing is: free things! I don't think anyone can honestly say that they don't like getting things for free, it's just the best thing. 

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Like the free samples at Costco, when they hand out free coupons to a new restaurant on the street or when they're giving out free wine samples at the SAQ. Whenever you stumble upon one of those things it's like the day just gets better! 

That's why this event is going to be so amazing! Club La Voute and the micro-distillery, Maison Sivo, are hosting a huge event with tons of free things! 

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They're giving out free whiskey, cocktails and appetizers to anyone who wants to celebrate with them! The event is completely open to the public on October 6th and if you go, you're in for a crazy party. 

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La Voute is located in the old RBC bank vault below the beautiful Crew Cafe in the Old Montreal area at 360 St Jacques St. The ambience of this place is magical during the day but during the night a mysterious vibe is added creating something super special for you to experience. 

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Check the eventwebsite for more information. 

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