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This Montreal Company Actually Created The Epic Battles In "Game Of Thrones"

A bad-ass claim to fame.
This Montreal Company Actually Created The Epic Battles In "Game Of Thrones"

If you've ever been awe-struck by the glorious carnage seen in many of the epic scenes in Game of Thrones seventh season, then you have some Montrealers to thank for the transfixing, otherworldly visuals. 

The Meereen environment, the wall collapse, some of the White Walkers and intense battle scenes are just a few examples of sequences created by Rodeo FX, a Montreal-based visual effects studio that has worked on the award-winning HBO series for the last 4 years 

The company's website even has some cool "before and after" image-sliders so you can get a sense of Rodeo FX's handiwork on the show.  Check them outhere

Winning Emmy Awards for their work on Game of Thrones, Rodeo FX has also worked on a variety of major blockbusters.

According to a featureon the company found in The Gazette, Rodeo FX spent two years creating the crazy visuals found in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. 

You can also expect to see Rodeo FX’s handwork in the new Blade Runner movie, along with the upcoming Superman-inspired series Krypton, says the company’s website.  

Back in 2006, Rodeo FX was nothing more than a trio of artists working in a basement, the company’s founder told The Gazette. 

Now, Rodeo FX expects to have 450 people working in its offices, which are in Montreal, Quebec City, and Los Angeles. A fourth office is also planned to be opened in Germany. 

But how does Rodeo FX construct such amazing visuals as seen in the most recent episodes of Game of Thrones? By examining real-world examples. 

No, they didn’tcorral some dragons and see what breaths of fire would do to cliffs of ice, because that is (unfortunately) impossible. 

Instead, Rodeo FX did the next best thing and watched videos of giant icebergs disassembling which served as a visual basis for the epic GoT scene. 

So the next time you give the last 4 seasons GoT a viewing (and you will since we have so much time until the next season debuts) feel some hometown pride, because Montreal had a part to play in making the show worth watching. 

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