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This Montreal Company Wants To Hire You Right Now

Start brushing up that CV.
This Montreal Company Wants To Hire You Right Now

Honestly, if you're looking for a job, the struggle can get too real at times.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a place that's hiring or even a place that seems super cool to work at. And even though there might be quite a few spots that have open positions - especially in Montreal - well, sometimes it's just straight-up difficult to find a spot that you click with.

But thankfully for those of us out here looking for our next career move, ManyVids is here to save the day.

ManyVids is a Montreal-based e-commerce platform and tech firm, specializing in the adult entertainment industry.

In fact, they just so happen to be the fastest growing adult entertainment website in the whole world! They launched in 2014, with the idea that adult entertainers can thrive independently and work like entrepreneurs. And so far, that formula's worked pretty well: ManyVids has reached over 50 million monthly page views and has 1.4 million active members, plus over 13,200 independent content creators. 

And a huge part of ManyVids' success? Their talented team that helps develop cutting edge live-streaming, cloud and communication technology.

A team which you can be a part of, too! Because for 2018, ManyVids is looking to hire about 100 Montrealers to fill their open positions, including PHP Developers, Front-end Developers, QA Analysts, Junior Accountants, Cloud System Engineers, Customer Support Agents, Marketers, Project Managers and much more! 

Imagine working out of their super trendy loft in St. Henri, working on projects that directly contribute to the success of a Montreal start-up and being part of a diverse and trusted team. Sounds awesome? Wait, it gets better! 

Not only is the work environment at ManyVids one that fosters growth, communication, diversity, inclusion and straight-up fun... but the office is pretty awesome, too! 

Working for ManyVids means you've got access to a gym, an on-site chef who makes free healthy meals every day for every MV team member, along with a self serve coffee and tea bar, and even social events for employees!

And sure, ManyVids strives to break the negative stigma that exists when it comes to working in the adult industry - but they are first and foremost a tech firm; their office is a regular one that does not produce any content.

Being part of an awesome team, in a super cool office, that's part of a booming tech-industry startup right in one of Montreal's trendiest boroughs? Um. Yeah. Sounds like a dream career move to me!

For more information on ManyVids and their open positions, check out their career website and Facebook page!