This Montreal Company Wants To Pay You $70,000 To Test Marijuana

A job with weed is a job you need!
This Montreal Company Wants To Pay You $70,000 To Test Marijuana

This is the kind of job title that just looks really awesome on business card.

Think about it.

Quality Assurance Manager For A Medical Marijuana Facility.

My first thought when I saw this was: "They want to pay you $70,000 a year to smoke weed and tell them how high you get?"

Well if that was the only thing the job involved, I wouldn't be writing this article right now, I'd be too busy applying for the job myself.

Unfortunately when you're sending marijuana quality reports, they have to say something other than: "I got really high smoking this batch."

Plus they couldn't advertise if smoking is involved in this job since weed is still technically illegal. But the only way to now for sure is to apply.

If you want an update on Canada's marijuana laws, you can always check out:

Everything Canadians Need To Know About Marijuana “Being Legal” In 2017

As for the job itself, you'll need to ensure compliance with Health Canada’s guidelines pertaining to production, processing, packaging, labeling. You'll also keep track of batch records and you'll be in charge of the final review of the test results and batch approvals.

And like we said, we're secretly hoping this job also has some kind of flavour quality assurance tests as well.

Click here for more details or if you're crazy enough to apply.

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