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This Montreal Company Wants To Pay You $75/H Just To Go On Dates

Find out how you can become a professional boyfriend/girlfriend.
This Montreal Company Wants To Pay You $75/H Just To Go On Dates

Social affairs can be intimidating sometimes, especially when you find yourself without a date to go with. Those of you in serious relationships might forget how frustrating it is to find a dance partner when you're single. Going stag isn't always a great option either, as you invariably spend the whole night forced answering the dreaded: "so, you're still single?"

If only there was a service that provided actual, classy dates to accompany you to important events with no sexual implications. Well there actually is, and it's now available for both men and women.

We've written about  The Boyfriend Experience before, and they've been so successful, they've actually recently expanded their business to include The Girlfriend Experience and have re-branded as Plus 1 Dating.

The way it works is simple: Plus 1 Dating will pay you up to $75 and hour to be someone's date. All you have to do is be mature, reasonably intelligent, presentable and obviously, mind your manners. Not to mention, you manage your own schedule, so you can make it work for you on your terms.

If you are interested in becoming a professional date, send an email and cover letter with your age, location, education, hobbies and photographs (no nudes).

You must be 21 or over to apply

Apply here to become a professional boyfriend or girlfriend.

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