This Montreal Company Wants You To Drink Vodka The Healthy Way

Juspur, Montreal's favourite cold pressed juice mecca is joining forces with Pur Vodkato create the ultimate tipsy treat for this Holiday season - a healthy alternative to traditional alcoholic mixes. No more vodka soda, gin tonic or rum and coke... No, sir! In 2015, it's time to get drunk by mixing hard liquor with healthy cold pressed juices!


Unlike a traditional vodka-soda or other mixed drinks, it keeps you hydrated, balances your electrolytes, tastes good and is 100% natural. In addition, the hangover is much milder than from any other mix available today.


There are six Juspur mixes to choose from that are part of a specially crafted line of juices called the "M line":

M1 - apple, ginger, lemon, lime (Goes well with vodka or gin)

M2 - orange, grapefruit, alkaline water, cayenne, lime (Goes well with tequila)

M3 (personal favorite) - pineapple, grapefruit, alkaline water, ginger (Goes well with rum, vodka or tequila)

M4 - watermelon, grapfruit, cayenne, lime (Tastes best in a vodka or rum slushie)

M5 - spinach, pineapple, lime, maple water (If you add rum, it looks and tastes like a green piña colada)

M6 - cucumber, maple water, cholorophil, ginger (Goes well with gin)


Friday, Dec. 11 - Tasting at SAQ on Laurier street

Starting Saturday, Dec. 12 available at - New City Gas, École Privée and Soubois

Also available at 1005 Bernard to take home or to the cottage for your at home easy mixology solution ;)

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