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This Montreal Company Will Deliver You Any Snack You Want In Under 30 Minutes

Technology has brought the world a number of incredible innovations. The Internet has allowed us to share information instantly; Netflix has brought us movie selection of an entire Blockbuster right to our TVs; and, thanks to Google, we will eventually have driver-less cars moving us about town.

While the cars that drive themselves may be a little ways off, one company has harnessed the power of technology to take care of all your snaking needs, right now! Yumee is making sure no party goes without munchies, no girls night goes without ice cream, and no thirst during a marathon of all 10 seasons of Friends goes un-quenched.

Yumee is a Montreal-based company that allows you to browse their online store, order a wide variety of snacks and beverages and then... delivers them right to your house! That's right, you can have just about any snack you want without ever having to leave the comfort of your pyjamas.

With a larger selection of treats than most depanneurs and over 60 varieties of ice cream, Yumee is guaranteed to have something for everyone. All you have to do is visit their website, select all the snacks your little heart desires, and they will have it delivered to you in 30 minutes, any time between 6:00pm and 3:00am.

Yumee also delivers pharmacy goods (no one else does that!) like cough syrup, tampons, Advil, Halls and condoms - so no Netflix shall go without Chill ever again.

Yumee is the next step in snacking innovationIf you can get a Snickers, Delissio Spicy Chicken Deluxe pizza and Pepto-Bismol in 30 minutes at just the click of a few buttons (and without setting foot outside of your apartment), surely driver-less cars can't be all that difficult.

Check out Yumee's website and like their Facebook page to find out about their loyalty program, how to get $10 off your first purchase (with additional surprise snack!), and how you can win tickets to a Drake concert!