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This Montreal Costco Employee Belongs In Magic Mike

He makes the hairnet look good.
This Montreal Costco Employee Belongs In Magic Mike

Remember "Alex from Target", the overnight sensation who broke the internet and had all these teens tweet about him? He was just a regular Target employee until a random girl tweeted a photo of a "hot boy at the checkout". That's when things got slightly out of control. Rings a bell?

Meet Justin from Costco! I had no idea Justin worked at Costco until he posted this photo on his Facebook wall:

Justin is a young and handsome professional athlete with a great sense of humour who also happens to work at Costco in Brossard on Boulevard Taschereau. This is definitely a very good reason to shop at Costco even if you don't live near Brossard... road trip!

Turns out Justin has been working at Costco for the last seven years. He was a cashier/stocker for a long time and just recently started to work at the restaurant section. So if you're craving a hot dog, you know where to go (no pun intended, I swear!).

I think Montreal girls can agree on one thing - Justin from Costco will make you want to drive to Brossard and eat junk food. Also, Justin belongs on our list of hottest Montreal guys with tattoos, hands down.

Photo cred - Justin Blackburn

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