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This Montreal 'Garden Terrasse' Is One Of The City's Best Kept Secrets

Food, drinks, and a secret even locals don't know about!
This Montreal 'Garden Terrasse' Is One Of The City's Best Kept Secrets

Montreal has a reputation for having some of the best kept secrets within the city. You could live here your entire life and still find places to see and things to do that you have never even heard of before.

Activities like the "sleeping giants" across the city have gotten Montrealers to participate in a city-wide scavenger hunt to find them.

 So, after building up an appetite from searching for giants what better way to satisfy your cravings for both food and hidden spots in the city than to go to a secret garden terrasse that's just begging to be found?

Le Pèlerin Magellan, located near Quartier Latin, is the only place you need to go for a magical experience that makes you feel as if you've traveled to an otherworldly fairy garden as soon as you enter their outdoor terrasse. 

The entire terrasse is surrounded by beautiful and large plants of all different shapes and sizes. You can hangout amongst the plant life while you order some of the most amazing French classics you'll ever eat in your life, such as a giant pot of fresh mussels in white wine that you won't even want to share with your group. You can also expect deliciously unique cocktail options that fit in perfectly with the secret garden atmosphere. 

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While you're there, you have to order the fan favourite "cheesecake au caramel salé" cupcake! You really can't find a sweet as special as this anywhere else in the city. It's obvious that this secret spot not only delivers when it comes to amazing scenery and a relaxed environment, but in the food and drink department as well.

This is definitely a spot you'll want to hit up before the Summer ends. Then you'll officially be able to say you've indulged in every hidden gem the city has to offer!

For more information on Le Pèlerin Magellan, check out their website HERE. 

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