This Montreal Home Is Where You Wished You Lived During The Summer

Pool-side chilling at its finest.

Crisp blue; calming wood-like brown; vibrant green. These are the colours of summer we look forward to seeing ever year, especially right now in the dead of winter. And no Montreal home showcases the wonderful hues of the summer season quite like the Prince Philip Residence.

An expansion project enacted by Thellend Fortin Architectes, what is now known as the Prince Philip Residence originally featured an older 1960s era design. Not that you would be able to tell now.

Built on a rather large incline, the renovation project offered an opportunity to play with the lot's unique topography. So, to utilize the home's natural elevation, a wide "ribbon" expansion was attached to the home, simultaneously offering more living space and majestic views of the exterior.

And despite the minimalist interior of contrasting colours, which emanates a soft, inviting atmosphere, it's truly the outside areas of this home that make it a sight to behold.

Smooth concrete panels bridge the home to the outdoor area, complimented by the bright browns and luscious greens of the wood panelled deck and surrounding trees. Then there's the crisp, serene blue of the pool, all of which combine to make the ideal summertime ambiance of serenity.

Take a look at the inside (and out) of Thellend Fortin Architectes's Prince Philip Residence below, and just try not to be envious you don't live there.

*Photos courtesy of Thellend Fortin Architectes