This Montreal House In Villeray Is The Perfect Blend Of Work And Play

The type of home you want when you have a family.
This Montreal House In Villeray Is The Perfect Blend Of Work And Play

Photo cred - Dwell

Having kids can truly change the dynamic of a household. Most of us are a long way away from children, but you know once the day comes, your home will go from a young professionals chic and classy abode into a toddlers playpen. A family's household should be a blend of both, but few homes truly accomplish that feat. Le SHED Architecture managed to accomplish the feat with this Villeray residence.

Built and designed for a couple with two young children, the building itself is a 2, 700 sq/ft duplex that had lost a lot of its original character due to past renovations and reconstructions, which wasn't a bad thing, as the new designers had free reign to inject new life into the residence.

The home's original layout was largely left intact, save for the removal of a section of the 2nd floor, where a patio was put in place. In doing so, a large outdoor area was created, as was a new pathway for the sun's rays to enter the home and illuminate the home with natural light.

Two rooms make the home truly magnificent: the kitchen and living room. The former was redone with white panels and stainless steel counter-tops to create a very modern vibe while still being very bright, while the latter is a huge 2-storey space that is made lively and energetic thanks to the orange staircase that connects the two levels. Both rooms are both chic and playful, reflecting the makeup of the home and its residents.

Take a look inside Le SHED Architecture's Villeray residence through the photos below, courtesy of Dwell.

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