This Montreal Lachine Canal Loft Is A Whole Lot More Than Meets The Eye

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This Montreal Lachine Canal Loft Is A Whole Lot More Than Meets The Eye

Photo cred - Steve Montpetit

Living in a loft on the Lachine Canal is beyond cool. Right by the water, easy access to the running/bike path, and just enough outside of the downtown core to afford some quite without having to be a trek to go out, the only issue with residing in such a residence would be the inability to expand the space. You can't really add more rooms to a loft right by the water, though L. McComber Architects found a much easier solution to this loft-living problem.

With the birth of a new baby, the couple who lived in this loft on the Lachine had a major spacing problem. Their 700 square foot loft didn't have room for a crib, with their own bed taking up the only allotted bedroom space. Utilizing the apartment's high ceilings, L. McComber Architects created a suspended platform where the couple's bed now rests.

Spacing issues aside, this loft looks like an incredibly living space. The wood floors and panelling, paired with the white paint, creates a modern yet rustic atmosphere, the exact vibe a young professional would want for their apartment. You would seem well-established and put together, while still mainlining a hip image. Not to mention the view must be great.

See inside this loft on the Lachine Canal through the photos below, courtesy of Steve Montpetit.

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