This Montreal Lobster Bar Is Offering $2 Oysters Every Wednesday

Some of the best deals in town!
This Montreal Lobster Bar Is Offering $2 Oysters Every Wednesday

It's just about lunchtime, and I'm getting hungry! 

Montreal has a ton of restaurants, bars and great specials every day. Somebody once told me there is 1 restaurant for every 6 people in Montreal's total population. 

Now, I don't know how true this statistic is, but if you've ever battled to find the perfect place to eat and just could not make a decision (this happens to me every other day), then it would seem this is true! 

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This is where we come into play, cause we've got you guys covered! 

One of Montreal's leading seafood restaurants has developed quite the reputation for their up-scale environment, their wicked menu with great deals, and some fancy one-off events like naked sushi. 

The Angry Lobster Bar in Montreal is a seafood lover staple in town, and for good reason. Their events are always impressive. If you have not checked out this foodie gem yet, then wake up and go today! 

In fact, Wednesday could be the best time to go experience Angry Lobster Bar as they have a wicked oyster deal for their 5-7, every week! You can go and get Oysters for $2 a pop, or get a cool dozen for only $20! 

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Seafood may not entirely be my thing, but that doesn't mean I don't recognize a great deal when I see one! 

Angry Lobster Bar offers many deals, and you can find most of them by browsing their Instagram page. 

Be sure to hit them up today from 5 p.m. and grab some wicked deals on fresh oysters!

Check out their officialFacebook page right here. Angry Lobster Bar will also be showing games during the FIFA World Cup 2018!

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