This Montreal-Made House Redefines Urban Architecture

Naturehumaine's Stacked House.
This Montreal-Made House Redefines Urban Architecture

Montreal's Plateau is home to a new type of home, Naturehumaine's "Stacked House." Built to accommodate the small space afforded to Plateau residences, the project could be the answer to city's throughout the world that have a finite space but a growing population.

Constructed vertically rather than backwards, the house is made out of four boxes (each made out of different materials) that are literally stacked atop each other. To provide some sunlight, a hole is carved out of the center of the house, also allowing better ventilation and some outdoor space.

Rather than read about it, take a look inside and be jealous you don't live in this outwardly grungy but inwardly beautiful house. If you're really into it, visit the Stacked House in person at 4426 St-Christophe.

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