This Montreal Man Achieved The "Impossible", He Made It To The UFC

Mike 'Alien Boy' Ricci.
This Montreal Man Achieved The "Impossible", He Made It To The UFC

Mike Ricci is a Canadian mixed martial artist. He has already competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and also fought in Bellator Fighting Championships. You have probably seen him in The Ultimate Fighter: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson, a reality television series, where he won the title Knockout of the Season.

Ever thought about what it's like to be a professional fighter? Here's a sneak peek into Mike Ricci's private life.

1. Would you ever date a girl with cauliflower ears?

I haven't, but to be honest I would. My preference leans more towards girly girls though. Cauliflower ears or not I can appreciate a girl who knows how to get fancy.

2. Why do you choose to live in Montreal over any other city?

I'll always say that in the summertime Montreal is the best city in the world. But if I made a pros and cons list it would definitely have more cons. I'm a Montreal boy through and through don't get me wrong, but I do think about living in other cities quite often.

3. What’s your routine like before a fight? What helps you switch from regular human being to fearless fighter mode?

There is a big difference between the ordinary Joe and a man about to get into a cage and fight. My process from one to the other can get quite dark at times. I came up tough and as a youth my fights were more often than not extreme. So to tap into my fight mode my thoughts and mental preparation must intensify. Every fighter is different but at the end of the day attacking another man without remorse requires emotional and mental focus. No matter what the process.

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4. What are your top 5 favourite Montreal restaurants and why?

In no specific order my top five restaurants would be... Uni Burger, Queue de Cheval, Park, Europea, Club Chasse et Peche. But the restaurant I visit most frequently is McDonalds.

5. Have you ever done something to another fighter that you regret?

I've only ever regretted not doing enough to another fighter. I've learnt over the years and now when I fight it's not to win it's to inflict as much damage as I can within the time frame I'm given. Maybe some won't agree but when I've fought with that objective I have never lost.

6. What’s your favourite cheat meal?

I'm not fancy when it comes to cheats really. I always plan these elaborate meals but 90% of the time I end up at a dep. some candy, chocolate, ice cream, and chips usually does the trick.

7. How do you celebrate a win or cheer yourself up after a loss?

After spending 2 months training in a gym and a week away in another city about to fight someone can wear you out. Win or lose I want to get back to my family and spend my time with them. I can say with confidence that you probably don't know another person who spends as much time with their family as I do. Nothing makes me happier.

8. Describe a perfect day in Montreal.

Perfect day in Montreal. It's summertime and the weather is perfect. I wake up after a good night sleep, head to the gym and put in a great workout. Then lunch with a couple friends on a terrace, a few beers and then a nap. Wake up have a pasta dinner with the Fam and end the night with some video games before bed. My perfect day.

9. Why “alien boy”?

I really like that nickname. I've gotten a few throughout my life but that one really hit the nail on the head. But I still have yet to disclose where it came from and why.

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10. What do you do when you find yourself in the middle of a bar/street fight? Has it ever happened to you? Do you ever lose your cool when you’re outside of the octagon?

Despite my fighting skills I am still human and I won't let anyone hurt or disrespect me or the people I care about. I try to avoid fighting because I am not the average guy. I'm trained to hurt people in a very precise manner. I'm conditioned to fight for extended periods of time and can take substantial amount of damage and keep fighting. So basically I avoid getting turned on at all costs.

You don't put an average guy in nets and have P.K Subban shoot slap shots on him. Right? So in the same respect you don't want to see an average guy get into an altercation with a trained fighter of my level. Long night for him to say the least.

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