This Montreal Man Is Way More Badass Than You Will Ever Be

A bullet wound ain't no thang to this guy.
This Montreal Man Is Way More Badass Than You Will Ever Be

Photo cred - yopinw

Taking a bullet, would , under normal circumstances, send you into a fit of shock, followed by a (very understandable) cry of pain and desperate pleas for help. That's what would happen to us normal folk. When you've attained enough badass XP points to reach this Montreal man's level, a bullet doesn't have nearly the same effect.

At around 10:30pm last night, the Montreal police received a report about a man who took a bullet, and then drove himself to the Verdun Hospital, as outlined in The Gazette. Let that sink in for a second: this guy's ass got capped then he got into his own car and drove to the hospital all on his lonesome. What a beast.

The police wanted to know what the hell happened to the guy, which didn't work out too well, as the man refused to divulge any information. Obviously this makes one think he was involved in some criminal activity, and even if he was, kudos to this guy for not being a snitch. I know I'd tattle on whoever shot me.

In all fairness, the man only took a bullet to the hand, so it makes some sense that he would be able to take himself to the hospital only with a bullet wound. Still, I think that's a feat many of us couldn't pull of.

*Man referenced in article not pictured above