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You Won't Believe What This Montreal Model Did For A Whole Year

He's our very own good vibes prophet.
You Won't Believe What This Montreal Model Did For A Whole Year

Maxime Sigouin, a 22 year old Montreal model, lives his life in a different way. Luckie is Maxime's hippie name he got while backpacking through Canada. What's different about Luckie, you ask? He has been hitchhiking everywhere he went throughout a full year and collected precious life lessons while doing it.

Luckie loves to hike. Instead of taking the bus to get to his favorite hiking paths, he hitchhikes. During his year of being on the road with complete strangers, Luckie gathered a bunch of inspirational life lessons. His personal favorite is: "Everything happens for a reason." He heard it from a man in a hippie commune in Tofino BC.

Luckie shares his adventures via Instagram @luckiesadventureand through his personal blog. He believes that words are powerful and life advice that he shares through his social media can help his readers restore their faith in humanity. Ultimately, he just wants to make people smile. 

Maxime wants to inspire others and show them that anything is possible, all you need is a dream. He's like a hot prophet that spreads out good vibes and teaches people to incorporate more positive thoughts and actions into their daily routines. He's convinced that, this way, we can make our world a better place.

Maxime's next destination? Adirondack National Park at the end of this month. Who knows, maybe you'll get to help Maxime get there. 

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