This Montreal Old Port Loft Embodies A Very Strong Amount Of "Must Live Here Right Now"

Even a building built in 1872 can become incredibly modern and sleek, with the right designer and architect. Montreal architect Eric Joseph Tremblay broke down historical (and real) walls when he remodeled spaces in Old Montreal's Cours le Royer, recreating them into lofts where every present-day Montrealer would want to live.

The site of the original Hotel Dieu, the area became an old-school business and warehouse area in 1871-72, only to then get another makeover a hundred years later, when it gained the name "Cours Le Royer." In 2009, Tremblay came in and transformed a space on de Brésoles into beautiful lofts.

The use of natural light was a large focus of the project, with large windows and reflecting surfaces utilizing the loft's position in relation to the sun. A mix of bright (brick walls, wood flooring + ceiling, cast iron columns) and darker materials (stainless steel, ceramic) were specifically utilized in order to create an illuminating harmony in the home, creating an incredibly warm atmosphere.

Bright, lively, and entirely inviting, these Old Port lofts look like a dream to live in. See for yourself through the photos below.

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