At 127 million people, Japan is home to the 11th highest population in the world. In terms of land size, the skinny croissant shaped island is actually average sized.

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But considering Japan's massive population and the fact that much of Japan is totally inhabitable - due to its rocky mountain landscape - over half of the Japanese people inhabit only at a tiny slice of the land, just a mere 2%.

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The result: Japanese are living in extremely dense urban environments.

No wonder Japanese developed restaurant concepts that are designed to help you AVOID other people. Because after a long day of commuting and working in a busy office, all city-dwellers really want to do is breathe and be totally alone while enjoying their evening meal.

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Restaurant Kumamoto in Downtown Montreal is modeled after the concept of dining alone. The cubicle-style booths allow you to eat without having to see, touch, and barely take notice of other patrons. And with instructions illustrated by a cute bubbly bear cartoon,  you barely even need to communicate with the actual staff.

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Just sip and slurp on their delicious traditional Ramen dishes. And go. It's as easy as that.  Of course, you can visit the restaurants with friends, too. But it's most interesting to do as the Japanese do and enjoy your bowl of Ramen totally solo.

For more info, see their Facebook page here.